Abandoned by Meg Cabot

A near-death experience, a horrible incident at school, and a move from Connecticut to Florida have turned seventeen-year-old Pierce's life upside-down, but when she needs him most John Hayden is always there, helping but reminding her of her visit to the Underworld.

Whee! First review on the blog!

This book definitely started the blog off with a bang. I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did, because *don't hit me* I don't enjoy a lot of her books. There was so much hype about Abandon that I finally read it and I'm glad I did. I thought the writing was great and the depth of characters were awesome.

I thought it was a tad bit slow in the beginning but the ending made up for it and then some. Such a page-turner and John was such an amazing character. I'm so in love with brooding yet sensitive guys and John is no exception. I just wanted to get lost in this Underworld that Cabot has created and I definitely can't wait for the next book in the series!



~Valen~ said...

Hey Laura,

I enjoy your youtube vids and though this is a new blog, I am giving you some Blog Awards because I very much enjoyed The Bookie Bunch!



The Slowest Bookworm said...

I've never read a Meg Cabot book but this one has me interested. Welcome to blogging :))

Lulu said...


I stopped watching your videos when you changed user name, at that time i was struggling with my pregnancy..So finally i sit down, with a piece of paper and pen(what i always did with a every book review)
Anyways i loved your review on this, so i just downloaded to my itouch and im so excited to read..

keep doing what you love,
reading is so amazing..
Still in Neverland

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