Hallowed - Cynthia Hand

Torn between her love for boyfriend Tucker and her complicated feelings about the role she seems destined to play, sixteen-year-old part-angel Clara races to decipher a new vision that could signify the end for someone close to her.

Thrilled to have finally gotten my hands on this book!

From the moment I delved into Unearthly, I fell in love with Cynthia Hand and her writing skills. She has a wonderful way of taking you in her mind and not letting go until the final moment. I finished reading Hallowed and was completely spent.

What I love most about this novel was all of the characters have layers, even the so called 'bad guys'. There was so much depth to them that I had a hard time disliking any of them. I did however find some points of Clara to be annoying, especially the scenes with Christian but nothing bothersome. I still really enjoyed this read and can't wait for the next book to be released (in 2013! *sniff*)


Anonymous said...

hi hun.. i only just realised you made a new youtube and this blog lol.. i paniced for a second thinking you wernt going to make anymore vids lol. I'm a bookworm also so i love your reviews but my fave vid was your xmas haul babe. Anyway... hi from the UK xx

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