Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

When he returns to Illinois and the gang culture on the south side of Fairfield after six years in Colorado, high school senior Luis Fuentes, who dreams of becoming an astronaut, falls for a girl and enters a dark world after learning some disturbing news about his family.
When I saw this book at the library, I was unbelievably excited as I love this series dearly, the first one in particular. I have to say that I am a little disappointed. I had such high hopes and found this novel fell short and I thought it was quite boring actually. As always, the writing was spectacular however I felt like the plot fell flat.

Luis was okay as a character but I felt like he shined brightest when he was bantering with Alex and Carlos. Nikki annoyed me to no end...I felt like she held on to the past so much that she became way too angsty and cold hearted. The epilogue was extremely cheesy and I would've preferred to just have the book end and not have an epilogue.

I'm glad I read it, simply because it was Simone Elkeles, but not my favorite by no means.



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