Vicious Little Darlings by Katherine Easer

Sarah Weaver, a jaded seventeen-year-old from a broken home, leaves California to attend an all-women's college in Massachusetts, where she befriends a mysterious pair of legacy students and learns a shocking secret that could lead to murder.

The premise of this novel seemed very promising to me and I was very excited to read it. The beginning was okay, albeit a little slow, but the writing was interesting so I kept going. About fifty pages from the ending, I was still waiting for it to get creepy and suspenseful.

As I said, the writing was really interesting at first and I was intrigued, however nothing happened in the book to make my mouth open and be a complete page turner. I found Sarah to be very self involved and egotistical, not my type of character at all. At one point she slept with a man and feared she was pregnant, and she talked about not being ready for that and getting an abortion. If you're not ready, then don't open your legs and not use protection! Grrr. Sarah really irked me and I found it really hard to get into the novel.

The ending was good and made up for this book a little bit, though I still didn't think this book was great by any means. The characters were very shallow and into themselves and the love interest was really pathetic.



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