The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Faery prince Ash--the last remaining son of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court--finally gets to tell his story: how he escaped the Winter Court with his life intact and the promise he made to the Iron Queen.

I finished this one a day or two ago and I've been sitting on it, trying to decide how I feel about it. The beginning lagged a bit for me, then it really picked up until about the last 100 or so pages. Three letters I can use to sum those pages up? W.T.F?! I felt like I had invested so much time into the characters and I felt the meetings were SO rushed and underwhelming. It was like "Oh, you're here! Let's forget about everything and hug! The end."

As I said, the writing in the middle was amazing and kept me wanting more but I felt very unsatisfied with the ending and that made the rating go so low. I wanted to know more about their meeting and have a little more emotion from Ash and Meghan in both the dream sequence and real life. The humor between Puck, Grimalkin and The Wolf is what kept me reading, as their wit and sarcasm made the book for me.

Even with that, I still felt very empty and impartial to the book and that saddens me!



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