Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz

When prep school newcomer Emma Conner meets the rich, charming Brendan Salinger, she is instantly attracted to him, but strange visions of her past lives begin warning her to stay away or face a cursed prophecy that she will die.

I've been super excited to read this one and when I began to read it, I was into it. After about one hundred pages I started to lose interest and then I just wanted to stop. I have to admiit that I sort of glazed over the pages and spoiled myself on GR.

Emma was too much a martyr in this book and I didn't find her inspiring or influential. She got herself in messes that were way over her head and wanted other people (Brendan) to get her out of it. She lived in NYC with an aunt that spoiled the crud out of her. Brendan was okay; didn't love him but didn't hate him either. Anthony - total douche. The end. Kristin, the same rich bitch you get in all novels.

I thought the plot was okay but the ending was too cliche for me and the ending too clean. I wish they had gone through something more than what they did - just to have a little more action. Maybe the second will be better but unfortunately I won't be holding my breath!



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