Clarity by Kim Harrington

Sixteen-year-old Clare Fern, a member of a family of psychics, helps the mayor and a skeptical detective solve a murder in a Cape Cod town during the height of tourist season--with her brother a prime suspect.
This was a great debut novel for Mrs. Harrington!

I was completely charmed and taken by this book. I thought Clare's thoughts were very likable and relate-able, and I found myself loving her more through each chapter. I did think love triangle(ish) thing was a little lame, it didn't deter me from finding this book alluring. The plot was interesting and kept me guessing throughout the whole book. I loved the idea of it taking place in Cape Cod and a family with special abilities. Really neat! Gabriel was a great character too, as was Perry.

I loved the flow of Kim's writing and how effortless it was to read it. I finished the book in about two sittings. I just kept wanting more and more. I'm looking forward to the next book very much!



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